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Search Tool

Link Popularity
The Link Popularity Checker tells you how many websites are linking to your website & is an important factor in your search engine ranking.
Search Position
The Search Engine Position Checker tool will automatically query the search engines for the specific keyword.
SE Index Report
Search engine index report shows, how many pages are indexed or included in particular search engine in its result.
Keyword Analyzer
You can pick keyword combinations (used by users) for your website for search engine optimization
Google Page Rank
This tool calculate the Google page rank of particular webpage.
Meta teg Generator
Meta tag generator is used to generate meta tags (Keywords & Description) from your webpage for search engine optimization.
Link Extractor Tool
This tool shows No of links on the webpage whether it is internal links of external links. very useful for search engine optimization.
Check Header
You can check header information of a web page as search engines check header before crowling the webpage.
SE Simulator
Search Engine Spider Simulator strips out the HTML tags from the page and shows you how the page would to search engine spiders.

Network Tools

Resolve/Reverse Lookup
Resolves a hostname to an IP address or vice versa.
Check Port
Check port of the system which is open to network for access.

Get DNS Report
Get Domain Name Server Report.
Ping Tool
Sends out an echo request to a specific computer on the network. It can be used to check communication links or whether the specific host exists or is running.
Trace Root
Allows you to determine the path a packet is taking across the Internet displaying corresponding name and IP address for each hop along the path to a destination host.
Whois Lookup
Finds information about an IP address or hostname, including country, state or province, city, name of the network provider, administrator, etc.

Website Tools

Pop Generator
Put Javascript codes in your website to open the pop up window thorugh button or autometically on loading the webpage.
Menu Generator
Java script code to put Menu on your web page.....